Filling The Seat: The Pathway To The Superintendency For One African American Woman Superintendent

by Dr. Shelly Davis-Jones


Format: Paperback
Pages: 181
ISBN: 978-0578131672

About the Book:

This qualitative oral history study focuses on one African-American woman’s childhood influences and educational background, the barriers she encountered in her career path toward the superintendency, and her work as a district superintendent. Feminist standpoint theory was used in this study to examine the intersectionality of race, class, and gender in her life and work.

By analyzing her professional preparation, sense of self-efficacy, support networks and mentoring, the racial and gender barriers she encountered, and her professional achievements and career reflections, there is hope that women will one day reign in the top executive leadership seat in public education. To remain silent gives “consent” to the socialized doctrines of racial and gender bias. In chapters 5–7, her story addresses the critical need for women, especially African-American women, to serve as formal and informal mentors to those who aspire to the position of superintendent and those women already “filling the seat.”