Invisible Chains

by Deborah L. Harris


Format: Paperback
Pages: 226
ISBN: 978-0615517049

About the Book:

CURTIS, had everything that one man could possibly hope for. He was the picture of perfect health with a loving family and financial security. In the eyes of his daughter, PHYLLIS, he was a shining symbol of what a man should represent. His strong exterior and warm heart was all that his family needed to feel safe and secure. But, when an unexpected tragedy occurs, Phyllis, painfully watches her family destroyed by the same man who she once held in such high regards. Curtis unable to bounce back from a life changing ordeal helplessly watches his family ruined from his self-destructive behavior and self absorbed ways. In the meantime, Phyllis is left dealing with feelings of abandonment as she attempts to pick up the pieces from a broken family structure at such a crucial time in her life.

She finds comfort in the arms of a man who sends her life spinning in a total different direction than anyone could have ever imagined. SHELBY is a charming, ladies man with an unlimited cash flow and a cocky attitude. By the time that she realizes that she has fallen for a man who is a carbon copy of what her father has become, she is deeply in love and in a position that she never thought that she would be in. Phyllis takes on the responsibility of trying to save two men that she loves dearly from living the rest of their lives held down by invisible chain!